Hello world! – Γειά σου κόσμε

Hiya everyone,

I just set up this blog. I’ve been thinking about starting something like this for some time now. I hope I will manage to maintain a good flow of posts coming through. What will these posts be about? I just want to confess my thoughts (rephrasing Bukowski here)

Since I live in Athens (Greece) some posts will be in Greek. Having said that, I will make an effort to post in English too. Will see how it goes anyway 🙂 Please don’t ask me to reveal my identity – that happened to me in a previous blogging attempt. I was discouraged from blogging when a Greek blogging community at pathfinder.gr requested my personal details. Good people though.

Over and out for now – resuming work.


PS: «Unique Fish» was born as the opposite of the phrase «another fish in the bowl» 🙂



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